Start Pure® Professional Pure Dam™


Light cure gum dam for optional use with any of our in-office whitening kits. Ideal for dental professionals that would like to isolate their patient’s gums and add additional protection from peroxide whitening gels. Rarely needed with Start Pure® Professional whitening kits due to our superior pain control. Isolation only takes a few minutes and guarantees excellent results without gum blanching or sensitivity.

  • Remove the protective cap and place one tip on the syringe.
  • With gentle pressure, release a consistent amount of the pure dam, liquid gum dam on the gums. Apply in sections from the gumline of the bicuspid to the other bicuspid on both arches.
  • If you apply the pure dam on the surfaces of the teeth, wipe off with the cotton roll prior to light curing.
  • Light cure each section 15-20 seconds or according to suggested length of time per manufacturer of your light cure machine.
  • After the whitening session is completed, remove the dam gently off the gums using a blunt instrument.
  • Save the rest of the pure dam for future use.

Not Applicable