Double Deep Comfort CP Refill Kit


Our two, back-to-back sessions Deep Comfort CP kit has a powerful, yet gentle 34% carbamide peroxide. Great for patients with sensitive teeth and gums, but who still desire a brighter smile. Our Double Deep Comfort CP kit is also an excellent choice when paired with the Start Pure Professional Power HP kits (SPP-104, SPP-106 or SPP-108) for patients with challenging age-related or deeper intrinsic stains.  

·      Light-activated whitening gel with healthy and natural ingredients

·      For use with the Start Pure Pro Super Violet® purple light

·      Prefilled soft silicone tray with breathing holes

·      Patented whitening booster removes surface stains, controls pain & hydrates teeth

·      Minimal reversion with zero sensitivity for most 

·      Single session time of only 20 minutes

·      1 – 5 minute prep time

·      Made in the USA

·      Certified gluten-free

·      Certified not tested on animals

·      Refrigeration not needed

  • Rinse the silicone tray.
  • Apply the 34% CP gel from the 3ML clear syringe inside the tray (top and bottom).
  • Apply the desensitizer/detergent from the clear 1ML (smaller) syringe on top of the 34% CP gel (top and bottom of tray).
  • Have patient gently bite into the tray, remove excess gel from the gum line with a q-tip or cotton swab.
  • Shine the Super Violet Technology™LED light for 20 minutes.
  • For maximum results, send the patient home with the Start Pure® Active™ Teeth Whitening Pen (SPP-103-SM) — sold separately.
  • 16 sensitive (34% CP) preloaded, soft, comfortable silicone trays.
  • 32 clear syringes of patented, desensitizing detergent.
  • 16 syringes preloaded with 34% CP gel.
  • 64 vitamin E swabs.
  • 1 Start Pure® Pro technique guide.